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Brief History of the Association

Message from the President

Message from the Secretary

Message from the Principal

From the President's desk

The R.P.A was born in 1969 with the main objective of preventing exploitation in the field of education. This is an institution which has been established by the parents of the locality to provide access to cost-effective and quality education so as to suit all sections of the society. The association not only aims at achieving academic excellence but also at the inculcation of moral and spiritual values. So teaching morality along with the college curricula has been the hall mark of the association. The Association's concern to make itself available to the comprehensive development of the society was profoundly appreciated by the Govt. of Karnataka and immediately it gave permission to the Association to simultaneously start all the classes.

About the College
This esteemed Institution has been functioning since 1991-92 to meet the enoromous demands of the local and out-station students. The Institution is centrally situated and also has access to all necessary infrastructure and the college is housed in a multi-storied complex and can boast of well-designed and equipped laboratories, and computer rooms comparable with the best available in the city. Also, it has a resourceful library and a good sports ground and is very close to the Bus and Railway stations.

Within a short span of its existence, the institution obtained permission to start a degree college with the prestigious optional subjects viz - Micro-Biology, Computer Science, Electronics and Bachelors in Business Management, in addition to the general combinations. The institution is also planning to start a Post-Graduate Centre to cater to the needs of its pupils. The management which is keen on providing more facilities to its students and staff is planning to expand and modernize the Institutional infrastructure. The newly proposed exclusive educational campus is a self-contained unit with all the latest infrastructural facilities and it provides accomodation for more than one thousand students and is being designed in such a way that it is going to be unique of its kind.

The college is also providing Hostel facilities to its out-station students. The hostel not only provides good accomodation services and nutritious food, but also tries to create a congenial atmosphere. The students get here, all the support, guidance and affection that they need.

Dr. Mayurnath