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From the Secretary's desk, to the students

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to join our Institution and build your career. Dear students, you know that today's education is fiercely competiitive and all of you are aiming at achieving personal goals for raising your standard of living. But with the tough competition in the job market, this goal is not very easy to reach. Also, today's world is knowledge-based and there is an explosive demand for professionals in Business Management, Information Technology etc. You can meet these competitive challenges only through your sincere efforts.

I am proud to say that our Institution is striving hard to bring to you the latest and the best in the educational field to enhance your career prospects and also to mould you into good citizens.

It is my sincere request to all of you to note this and put in dedicated efforts and come out with splendid success. Your achievements will ever be a source of deep satisfaction to me and to all members of the management.

G. B. Paramashivaiah