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Group activities and students' hostel


Student activities and hostel facility

Academic Groups

The College has provides an opportunity to the students to paricipate in different kinds of activities, so as to enable them to think, study, experiment, and seek answers to their questions, in a wide variety of fields. The basic objective is to kindle curiosity and spark the illumination in the learner's mind. Keeping this in view, we have introduced various academically active groups such as the "Science Club", the "Commerce Club" and the "Bharatiya Samskruti Sangha" - a literary and cultural organization.

Eminent scholars and professors from prestigious institutes such as the Indian Institute of Science, the Bangalore University and many other Internationally accailmed institutions participate in seminars and lectures conducted by our college throughout the academic year.

Tutorial System

Tutorial classes will be conducted at the end of every month. The duration of these classes is 2 hours. Questions regarding the portions of the syllabus completed till then are distributed to the students. The students and teachers of the concerned subjects join in, during these sessions, for discussions. A test is conducted after every two tutorial classes to assess the performance of the students.

Cultural Association

For the benefit of students who are interested in cultural activities, an Association has been formed under the leadership of an experienced teacher. It will provide ample opportunity to the students to conduct and participate in cultural and a variety of entertainment programmes in the Institution.

Seminar on Personality Development

In the beginning of the academic year, a seminar is conducted for both students and the staff. Eminent speakers are invited to deliver talks and conduct workshops with a special reference in values in life.

College magazine

The College publishes an annual magazine. The aim of this is to inspire students and encourage them to write articles of general interest.

Special coaching in English

These classes typically are for students who have studied in media other than English, and are held provided a sufficient number of students come forward for the same. A guest faculty is engaged for these classes and the charges are to be borne by the participating students

Educational tours and visits

The college arranges regular visits to several industries as per the requirements of the curricula besides organizing educational tours and excursions. Participation in these activities helps bring in a practical perspective of knowledge to the students and builds strong ability to work in teams, and is compulsory to all students.

Sports and Games

Experienced physical education instructors and professional coaches are employed to impart training in several games, field events and athletics. We also propose to start a Gymnasium with latest facilities required to maintain a good physique and a healthy body.

Hostel Accomodation

Hostel accomodation is provided by the college with all the necessary infrastructure and with well-ventilated rooms for both boys and girls.