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Scholarships and Financial Aid


Several scholarships and fee-concessions are available to students under various schemes. These are awarded either by the Government of India, or by the State Government of Karnataka. Information regarding these is published on the college notice board as and when received, by the authorities concerned.

With a view to promote quality education, R.P.A First Grade College offers financial assistance to the students belonging to the following categories:

  • Diligent but economically backward students
  • Meritorious students
  • Students who excel in extra-curricular activities

Students Aid Fund

Financial assistance is offered to needy students, out of the contributions made by the Management and the other students. Usually needy students are provided relief in the payment of tuition fee to the extent possible.

Incentives to Students

Incentives in the form of Awards are given to such students who secure ranks in the University examinations. These awards are given by the Management of the College.

The students who secure maximum marks with first-class grades in the B.Sc examinations are given a prize instituted in the honour of Smt. Hosmane Rudramma Siddappa Gowda, by Dr. D. S. Shivananda, Chairman, Academic Advisory Committee.

Rolling Shield

Sri. Murali Krishnan has instituted a rolling shield for the inter-collegite essay competition.